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The following films will give viewers an idea of how CASLE's cultural courses and the Master-Apprentice Programme were conducted. They show how our language learning method Learning by Doing was put into practice.

Hook Fishing / Vuoggâkuálástem / Koukkukalastus

Anneli Lappalainen's film Vuoggâkuálástem / Koukkukalastus [Hook Fishing] (CASLE's Cultural courses )

CASLE students experienced two memorable hook fishing days with their Aanaar Saami Language Master Anja Kaarret. They caught lots of burbots and learned to cook traditional fish soup.

Warm shoes, Reindeer shoes / Lieggâ kammuuh, Soovskammuuh

Anneli Lappalainen's film Lieggâ kammuuh, Soovskammuuh [Warm shoes, Reindeer shoes] (CASLE's Master-Apprentice Programme)

CASLE student Maijukka Pyykkö makes shoes of reindeer skin for her daughter. The film shows the shoemaking process: 1) Language Master Matti Morottaja teaches in the language nest how to separate the leg skins that can be used as shoe materials. 2) Language Master Aili Maarit Valle explains what kind of leg skins are needed in the shoemaking process. 3) Maijukka Pyykkö learns from her Master Aili Maarit Valle how to make shoes from reindeer skin, cooking the tanned skin, cutting the pieces for the shoes and stitching them together according to her Master’s detailed instructions.

Reindeer sausages / eerskuh ôoolijn / Poromakkarat

Anneli Lappalainen's film Heerskuh ôoolijn / Poromakkarat [Reindeer sausages]

CASLE students participate in a traditional cooking course. Aanaar Saami Language Master Elsa Väisänen is their instructor. Before anyone can start work in the kitchen, ingredients are needed: a reindeer must be slaughtered during round-up, and its intestines must be separated and cleaned. Language Masters Anja Kaarret and Eeva Seurujärvi instruct the students. After this, the traditional meal can be prepared in the kitchen.

Ice Fishing / Juoŋâstiđ / Juomustaa

Anneli Lappalainen's film Juoŋâstiđ / Juomustaa [Ice Fishing]

Two Aanaar Saami Language Masters, Anja Kaarret and her uncle Aslak Saijets, both experienced fisherpeople, instruct CASLE students in how to set the nets under the ice. The next day, students inspect the catch.

Getting dressed / Kárvudâttâm / Pukeutuminen

Teija Linnanmäki's and Varpu Falck's film Kárvudâttâm [Getting dressed]

Language Master Aili Maarit Valle, one of the last great Aanaar Saami artisans, instructs students on how to wear the Aanaar Saami national costume.


Suvi Kivelâ's film 'Reborn'.

Building Language Communities - Lisa Dixon

Lisa Dixon is currently completing an International Field Placement in Inari for her Master’s in Development Practice - Indigenous Development program at the University of Winnipeg in Canada.