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Aanaar Saami working places

Every student spent four weeks (equaling 5 study points), spread out during the CASLE year doing practical training at Aanaar Saami workplaces. This training was a central part of CASLE. By being introduced to and taking part in the routines of the Aanaar Saami workplaces, students got a realistic picture of their futures-to- be, or other cases different possibilities and the inevitable challenges ahead in their working lives.

The Aanaar Primary School

One of the working places was the Aanaar Primary School where CASLE students joined two teachers in their classrooms. The tasks that students did in the classrooms varied, with students spending time listening, translating parts of books, teaching, learning, and helping in any way possible. The students learned a lot during the time in the classrooms, some realizing how short on material teachers were, and others realizing how important it was for students in the immersion program to also speak the language in the home.

Kielâpiervâl: The Language Nest

The practical training at the Language Nest was left quite open as the planning team expected that the CASLE students would be busy enough taking part in the daily routines of the Language Nest. Students found that Kielâpiervâl was a great training place as students were able to observe the language being used in a simple and concise way. Students found that observing and engaging in this kind of communication between the caregivers and the children offered a great chance for total language immersion at a level they could easily understand.

Yle Sápmi

The Yle Sápmi radio station was a popular place for practical training as students were easily integrated into a very flexible daily routine. Every student had an opportunity to broadcast in Aanaar Saami. Students also did interviews, news reports, and stories on a wide range of topics. CASLE students also took advantage of the extensive radio archives to learn more about their roots and history.

Kotus: Institute for the Languages of Finland

This training place was made possible by project manager Marja-Liisa Olthuis’s part-time position at Kotus. Students who did their practical training at Kotus gained experience preparing grammar materials and creating new words for first aid, lichen, and butterflies. CASLE students felt that their practical training at Kotus was especially good for their language use and found the sessions extremely well organized.